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AC/DC – Black Ice (Columbia)

‘Nothing is certain except death and taxes’

Yes, and AC/DC – Australia’s most popular export after positivity and chain pubs will never, ever change. They have been joyfully recording the same album for over 30 years with the school-yard humour and schoolboy uniform intact.

You would imagine that three decades of hard rockin’ and hard drinkin’ would have caused a slow and steady decline in enthusiasm, ability and appeal but no – ‘Black Ice’ has proved to be the boys’ most successful record since their early heyday, rocketing straight in at the top of the charts in 28 countries.

The most obvious source of AC/DC’s enduring allure is their bare-bones, back-to-basics brand of classic rock. It’s hard not to feel refreshed by such a simple straightforward pleasure, big dumb fun that never fails to raise a smile. If you’re not yet acquainted with this charming, accessible band, now is the time.


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