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Deerhunter – Microcastle (Kranky)

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and dominated by the the towering, ethereal presence of frontman Bradford Cox, Deerhunter have already cemented their position as poster-boys for the ‘nu-gaze’ scene. Combining classic indie-rock sensibilities with sumptuous layers of harmonic sound has made them favourites with all the most discerning blogs and publications.

‘Microcastle’ is their third release on Kranky, the Chicago label which has long been a byword for forward-thinking post-rock and pastoral, starry-eyed electronic ambience. We find them here on the crest of a wave of creativity, deftly honing their self-styled brand of ‘ambient punk’ into a strikingly appealing weapon.

As ever, the band’s influences are clearly emblazoned on their swaying chests – Echo & The Bunnymen, My Bloody Valentine and Brian Eno have left their fingerprints everywhere. What separates Deerhunter and fuels their individual appeal however is a certain delectable aftertaste, a flavour which has seeped into all their music. Its sickly sweet fragrance can induce a wonderful narcotic torpor, wrapping you in warm washes of velvet sound and melody.

‘Microcastle’ is an uncommonly luxurious record, one to be savoured like a delicious meal and enjoyed in suitably comfortable surroundings.


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