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Eagles Of Death Metal – Heart On (Downtown Recordings)

Although still best known for having Queen’s Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme as a member, Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes and his cohorts have edged closer to shaking off the tag of being someone else’s side project. Their last full length ‘Death By Sexy’ boasted some sparkling gems which won them widespread TV play, critical acclaim and a support slot for Guns N’ Roses. And no, they’re not death metal.

At their best they are the ultimate rock & roll party band – Delicious bubble gum pop wrapped in the most gloriously shameless cartoon of American excess imaginable. An insidiously appealing advert for the age old sex, drugs and rock & roll lifestyle. Although it’s tempting to follow them into the night for whatever illicit pleasures await, they appear eminently untrustworthy and may spike your drink and make off with your clothes at the first opportunity.

When they’re up they’re a joy but when they’re down they’re like a punctured tire. On tracks such as ‘Now I’m A Fool’ Jesse attempts lovelorn soul-searching but comes across half-baked and a little contrived. This party animal should stick to his day job and ignore the cold light of the day after. An Eagles Of Death Metal album which parties 24/7 would encapsulate perfectly their vision of the American wet-dream.


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  1. Great stuff, I am adding you to my blogroll.

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