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Growing – All The Way (The Social Registry)

What do you want from sound? It is easy to vacillate wildly between air-punching light-headed triumph, gentle reassuring familiarity and exquisite sensory masochism. Most worldly offerings exist in the cradle of their peers and inhabit the regular vehicle, but sometimes the perpetual hum of background noise fades away – a gentle deceleration. Music with the soothing clarity of total silence.

Neither narrative tales nor atmospheric maps, this is direct from the amygdala – the brain’s ancient primal core. The soundtrack to a thought in it’s initial unrefined state, before it is lashed to language or moulded by conflicting emotions. Pure, raw and at times nebulous.

Ostensibly ‘drone’ music, the tag feels increasingly limited and irrelevant when applied to Growing. The hypnotic, layered arrangement may at first suggest the label but the dour, grandiose bluster many other such acts exhibit is absent. Here we have mellifluous euphoria, a celebratory dance performed by the handfuls of elements making up the cast of each track. At times more movement between the component parts, but with an overall feeling of central stillness.

An uncommon treat, cutting through the static and blooming gently.


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