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Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker – ‘Fantasma Parastasie’ (Alien8)

As the nights draw in to a seemingly infinite extent and the frozen land brings all life to a stilted shuffle, hi-fi noise maestros Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker provide suitable respite. This current environment provokes the need to be swaddled by music, by a record you can hide and lose yourself in.

Tim Hecker’s 2006 pinnacle ‘Harmony In Ultraviolet’ (Kranky) was an absolute revelation – the most widescreen, structured and at times emotional approach to the ‘nu-ambient’ or ‘neo-classical’ movements of now. A ‘cathedral of sound’, as Oxford shoegazers Ride were once tagged. Primarily a guitarist, Aidan Baker has perfected his amp-worship, ambient doom-metal epics with the highly regarded duo Nadja (with Leah Buckareff). Tracing seams of melody through the deftly woven feedback has rarely been such a joy.

The prospect of Hecker’s stunning architecture meeting the Arctic expanse of Baker is an appealing one indeed. Presented in the vintage/occult style so favoured by metal concrète artists like Sunn O))) and Earth, one is primed for a drone noir experience – bleak, uncompromising and frequently abrasive.

Subtle emotive twists seep through the ink, reassuring the listener with a gentle hand on the arm. Elements such as the clock in ‘Dream Of The Nightmare’ and the fluttering guitars in ‘Auditory Spirits’ touch on the physical, welcome moorings to prevent travellers from drifting out into the ether. The entire recording is steeped in darkness, but it’s an unintimidating black.

Enveloping with a human touch. (for Tim Hecker)


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