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I love basslines.

I love all the flavours. Floor shaking sub, quacking mid-range, shifting analogue warmth… i admit that a lot of the time it’s the extremes that really excite. It began for me with the jungle dub madness of the 90s but of late, it’s the mutant children of UK garage that are providing the low end treats.

T2’s ‘Heartbroken’ represented the wonderfully literal sub-genre ‘bassline’, and was the crossover hit of ’07. Ruthlessly basic yet joyfully ludicrous – the sound palette heard before but boasting an immediacy and NRG all too rare. It was commercial yes, but through pop nous rather than cynicism.

Kid Cudi, along with Italian DJ duo Crookers, serve up the spiritual follow up. Cleveland rapper Cudi is Kanye West’s latest protégée, socially conscious lyricism spliced with the steamingly trendy Fool’s Gold scene of Kid Sister, A-Trak et al. Crookers spring from the similarly oh-so-now pumping b-more world of Mad Decent and the like, it’s a match made in heaven (or East London).

Such accolades all too frequently precede disappointment but thankfully, the track’s a gem. Springing up persistently on 1xtra, It’s got the pop hooks to follow T2 into commercial overland and when the bass drops… it’s all over.

Kid Cudi mixtape:

Crookers essential mix:


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