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Tim Hecker – An Imaginary Country (Kranky)

It’s been almost three years since the complex grandeur of Tim Hecker‘s ‘Harmony In Ultraviolet‘, an LP which commanded the same awe as a celluloid shot of mountainous terrain. Towers of melodic fuzz built from looping samples and mystery instruments shifting into moments of deftly controlled distortion. A shoegazing laptop-jockey, emoting with the skill of a scientist.

This offering feels more steamlined, fewer disparate sonic elements but the ones that remain filling the space left – Tim crafts with more confidence, letting chord sequences shift and evolve without always heading for a Spector-esque wall of noise. This confident, more delicate approach edges his music closer toward the neo-classical grace of Oren Ambarchi or Stars Of The Lid (mighty artists in their own right), although by refining he loses some of the chaos that makes his music so breathtaking. It seems flatter, somehow more ‘safe’. There’s less of the mountain range, more of the airport and I want a little more noise to temper the beauty and give it life.

But this is coming from a fanboy, you try pleasing a fanboy.

Off  ‘Harmony In Ultraviolet’…


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