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I mentioned the charms of Acton beat-polisher Bullion in an earlier post. I won’t go into his sound again, suffice it to say that his few releases thus far have had a instrumental hip-hop skewed pop charm. His new EP ‘Young Heartache’ is his best yet, a solid release representative of his skills.

A producer’s DJ set generally provides certain things – a snapshot of their influences and a round-up of their peers, peppered with some future releases. It’s not to say that Thursday’s Hyp!Hyp!Hyp! (see flyer) didn’t provide those things, it just felt a little predictable. An unfocused mash of familiar hip-hop, soul and classic funk breaks, none of it bad in any way, just not particularly exciting. When an artist’s recorded output shows glimpses of invention and individuality it’s easy to expect too much – you want everything they do to demonstrate the same flashes of genius. If I’d gone expecting a standard funk / soul night, rather than the proverbial ‘next-level shit’, maybe I wouldn’t have been disappointed.


Round the corner (almost) there is however The Joiner’s Arms, a love-it-or-hate-it semi-gay pub that’s perpetually rammed until its slightly unclear closing time. Beloved by many Shoreditch hipsters, what it guarantees is loud and lively late-night drinking for anyone feeling like they’re ‘on one’. It’s trendy enough to attract the arty type with generally good DJs and an extensive and tempting jukebox but not so cool that everyone’s scared to have a good time. Everyone dances, it’s a bit dirty but hey – it’s exciting. After an hour or so of worthy funk and wholemeal hip-hop it had the perfect tonic, a room full of people dancing on tables to some rousing, full-blooded, damn sexy Disco. I haven’t had to ask a DJ what tune he was playing for a long time but Stephanie Mills made it happen once more:

Time to get back into Disco.


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