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Fellow Londoners.

In these cash strapped times, what better way to enjoy a meeting of rave minds – past and present – than Cargo this Friday. Only £zero entry lets you witness living legends Ratpack share a bill with dubstep producer du jour Zomby.

Zomby’s recent ‘Where Were You In ’92‘ is the spirit of old skool UK hardcore filtered through today’s clattering dubstep sound, then played underwater. Although said LP makes a point of channeling the breakbeats and rave stabs of the early 90s (almost to, and sometimes past the point of pastiche), much of his other work has at least one foot firmly in the present. A loose dubby vibe ranging from skippy two-step to B-movie squelch, he’s becoming hard to pin down.

Rave pioneers Ratpack were there in ’92, providing much of the soundtrack. They’re probably best known for this solid-gold anthem:

Some old rave, some new rave, but hopefully no nu-rave. Although what that actually sounds like is unclear. Let’s hope they all turn up.


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