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Today is computer maintenance day.

In the meantime, any of you who’ve had your interest piqued by the recent whatever-you-call-it instrumental hip-hop stylings of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Bullion etc should check out the LuckyMe website. I’ll let them do the talking, but in the broadest terms they’re a Glasgow based collective (who include the aforementioned Rustie and HudMo) of artists, musicians and promoters who are – whether you may hear – not cool.

‘Cool’ is an absurd concept. What is it? Who has it? How does one get it? It seems that the coolest people around are always the ones at pains to not be. By that maxim, the only way to be cool is to avoid it.

People want to be cool because it suggests value or worth, which brings respect. This suggests a need for acceptance, to be part of something larger and validate them as people. Cool for the sake of cool essentially uncool as it itself has no singular, independent worth. Also, when things become cool, hip or trendy they become confined, a static photograph of the scene/sound/look at its point of crossover. It can then be commodified, sold and endlessly reproduced – existing but essentially dead as it ceases to advance or evolve. Whether or not this makes any sense, as a way of looking at things it’s outmoded.

I guess this is why so many (LuckyMe included) try so hard to reject any of these associations. This piece from their site probably expresses it better than me:

Did anyone catch the Guardian’s guide to new trends for 09. Man, we are the first up with ‘Wonky’. We don’t condone this word but I wont go into it again. It’s useful people are trying to talk about us – and to be in that paper is no bad thing. I just get the feeling that people are letting genre names just fall out the side of their mouth like the crumbs on cookie monster. It’s dumb. I mean, who would want to affiliate with any genre in 2009 when everyone has an attention span exactly the same length as the first level in Super Mario 3.

Diplo wrote a great article on the redundancy of genre in new music a few months ago for URB. I recommend it. Anyway, we are so grateful for people finding us but there is more going on here with than just that name. Suspend a little disbelief in the defining sound of Wonky and you will find it’s got nothing to do with Ketamin or quantizZzing, and everything to do with whatever we deem cool and relevant at LuckyMe.

I admit, I am guilty myself of singing the praises of Wonky but I put it down to enthusiasm and excitement – not bad things but after reading this and the Diplo piece I  accept a little more now the problems and hopelessness of trying to sum up a scene in a word. The interview with Diplo they mention is a particularly interesting view on the death of genre, I also suggest that you read it here. Cool, trendy, hip… all these terms are becoming obsolete. Teh internetz is making everything available to everyone, all the time. Fuck the hardcore continuum (of which there is a fine rebuttal here), it’s no longer relevant.

I digress. LuckyMe also have a wealth of mixes to download, provided by affiliates and those who share their aesthetic/ethos. Particularly good is Jamie Vex’d’s Sunday Walkman Mix. Get it here (right-click to save), or here for the mixtape page – check them out, they all look good.

Jamie Vex’d – Sunday Walkman Mix

jamie vexd – saturn’s reply
rich reason & fantastic mr fox – bleep show
scuba – twitch – jamie vexd remix
starkey – creature
jamie vexd – in system travel
erykah badu – twinkle
darkstar – aidy’s girl’s a computer
cannibal ox – f word (instrumental)
zomby – fantastique remix
falty dl – to london
shawty lo ft dg yola vs timeblind – lets decay it (dev 79’s blend)
stagga – lopside – doshy remix
modeselektor – black box – rustie remix
joker – psychedlic runway
starkey – mutter music vip
naptha – soundclash – grevious angel vip
tim hecker – sundown6093
falty dl – paradise Lost


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