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Comfortably the UK’s only semi-pro footballer and professional DJ/producer (I may be wrong), Cooly G is bringing a deeper flavour to Funky that I for one am welcoming with open ears.

Funky – for any of you unaware – takes the broken rhythms of soca and the 4/4 undercurrent of house and plants them both on the solid bassline attitude of dubstep. Artists such as Roska, Apple, Lil Silva and Hard House Banton have provided the high points thus far and there’s even been a bumrushing of the charts via K.I.G‘s faintly ridiculous Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes (not to mention the forthcoming Tribal Skank / Migraine Skank debacle – watch this space).

All of these have had a strong jump-up or dirty grime feel to them, but Cooly G takes it to a darker place without compromising the infectious dancefloor potential of Funky. The use of space and more intricate rhythms suggest classic techno but it’s the marrying of this with the insistant beats & bass that makes it truly special. The physical and the mental – yes, I want to have my cake and eat it. Or think about it. Or something.

The subtler textural and melodic elements are more in common with producers like Martyn, the Dutch wonder who turned me onto Funky in the first place (with his set at FWD) and turned me onto Cooly G. Her tune Narst has just been signed to bass tastemaker Kode9‘s Hyperdub label and you can hear it on this excerpt from Martyn’s recent set at BLOC festival. Download it here, it’s the first tune. And it’s the shit.


Tracklist for Martyn BLOC set:

1. cooly g – “narst” (hyperdub)
2. kode9 – “black sun” (hyperdub)
3. shed – “another wedged chicken” martyns 131 mix (ostgut ton)
4. aardvareke – “just washed that pig” (rushhour)
5. aardvarck – “revo” (kindred spirits)
6. armando – “land of confusion” (trax)
7. inner city – “good life” carl craig mix (kms/pias)
8. dj mujava – “township funk” (warp)


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  1. yr not wrong!

    cooly x

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