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Recent Ninja Tune signing King Cannibal aka Zilla aka Dylan Richards takes the distorted dancehall of peeps like The Bug and Ghislain Poirier, runs with it a bit further and ends up in a starker industrial setting. Whilst earlier release Call Me Cold Blooded and Aragami Style have edged too close toward aimless-breakcore-digital-nosebleed-banging for my liking, new doubleheader Virgo/Murder Us is more rhythmically minimal – the beats are still brash and malevolent but creep rather than hurtle and throb rather than thrash. Murder Us especially has a primal, hypnotic quality that lodges in your spine and squeezes with the beat (Berlin act Jahcoozi provide a brilliantly sparse and subtle vocal)

Hard dance, but with the suggestion of power rather than smashing you in the face. Thanks Cannibal, for not smashing me in the face.

Also, check out the King Cannibal related Gods of War blog for mixes, info and free downloads.

Good shit all round.



  1. aarrrgghhhhh, you’ve been killed dont you remember? just brought cold blooded and the other, fucking sick!!!!!

  2. hey – glad you dig it, thanks for the little write up.

    • No problem – Murder Us is getting under my skin like nothing else.

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