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Quality blog Sonic Router have provided a refreshingly succinct primer on all things forward-thinking in dubstep for the mighty Quietus, which you should all read. There’s some heads-ups on new and forthcoming releases and a few short bios of key artists. Good work all.

Also (also!), head over to to grab the bump r funk mix courtesy of DJ Wise aka Bare Bones. More of an upbeat party vibe with the quality end of commercial R&B shifting into sideways hip-hop, Funky and delectable 2-step. Or in his own words:

inspired by the glorious spring weather a healthy dose of caribbean & african influences in a bumping bass heavy mix. starting with some wonked out r&b then moving swiftly into a mash of dancehall & uk funky with a sprinkling of old rave & techno classics. roll on summer!

Get it here. Right-click to save.

00.00 cassie – me & you
01.05 hud mo – come get it
03.15 diplo – tell me what you think
04.40 ciara – echo
06.25 flying lotus – gng bng
08.10 hud mo – oooooooops oh my
11.10 beyonce ft buju banton – single ladies (richie blindz rmx)
14.04 radioclit & esau mwamwaya – cape cod kwassa kwassa
15.46 dr evil – we love the girls
18.33 voicemail – put it up
19.20 dva – hardhouse
21.36 wookie ft ny – falling again
23.28 actress – crushed
25.00 geeneus – out of the future
26.42 steve poindexter – computer madness
29.30 fingaprint – just leave
31.50 donaeo – party hard
34.49 busy signal – step out
36.06 crazy cousinz – inflation
38.55 dj cleo – wena ng’hamba nawe
41.50 mujava – township funk (radioclit rmx)
44.30 perempay & dee – in the air
48.14 aidonia – i like her
50.00 lighter – skanker
52.30 cooly g – dis boy pt 4
55.13 beenie man- gimmie gimmie gimmie
57.30 nb funky – riddim box
59.35 nicolette – waking up
62.28 benga & coki – night (geeneus rmx)
65.11 mr vegas – dope
67.25 kode 9 – black sun
69.21 cooly g – floating
71.51 innerzone orchestra – bug in the bassbin
76.30 ends ——–

In fact, that Cassie tune he starts with always reminds me just how much genius chart R&B can come up with if it trys. And she’s pretty hot. Can I say that?

More Cassie:

Message ends.


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