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I must admit I had erroneously lumped San Francisco’s Eskmo (website/myspace) in with a lot of the more workmanlike halfstep out there but this – The Hypercolor EP – is a revelation. The languid purple g-funk of Joker meets the fizzing synths of Rustie, but (but!) then gets pulled together and rearranged by someone with a more developed (he’s been making music since 1999) sense of space and sound-crafting.

Man, the SOUNDS. So colourful, miles away from the toolbox kick/snare/hat palletes that blight so much dubstep. Spider-like samples that tickle your ears and fluid mid-range that would just writhe out of your hands if you tried to grab it. A woodblock, running water, a creaking ship. San Francisco (The Rhythm) made my ears feel so good I actually burst out laughing. To myself.

Listen to/get the EP here.

This is his best, his earlier stuff is still good (and worth checking) but still exhibits some of the lumpy halfstep cliches. Check it all out on this mix for his own digital label Ancestor.

Get the mix here. Right-click to save, as ever.


(Intro) Animal Collective – Daily Routine [Domino]
Eskmo – Harmony [Ancestor]
Eskmo – Trudge [Studio Rockers]
Eskmo – Hyprecolor [Ancestor]
Eskmo – Process [Studio Rockers]
J. Rodgers – Meditation Point (Eskmo Remix) [Blipswitch Digital]
Eskmo – Amphibian VIP Mix [Ancestor]
DJ Quest & Eskmo – Speakers Corner (Eskmo & Antiserum Remix) [Cyberfunk]
Eskmo – Ocean Lazer [Sonic Dragon]
COTK – We Are The Glitch (Eskmo Remix) [Blipswitch Digital]
Sub Swara – Constructing The Absence [Low Motion]
Eskmo & Antiserum – Monstahs [Full Melt]
Jason Sparks – One Eyed Man (Eskmo Remix) [Contraboss]
Bar9 – Murda Sound (Eskmo Remix) [Z Audio]
Primus – My Name Is Mud (Eskmo Remix [???]
Eskmo – Angus Dei [Ancestor]
Afghan Headspin – MSG (Eskmo Remix) [???]
DJ Quest & Mutiny – ? (Eskmo Remix) [???]
Eskmo – San Francisco [Ancestor]
(Outro) Animal Collective – Daily Routine [Domino]

Right, I’m off to rinse the ants off my dried fruit.


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  1. wonky sounds galore!!

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