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Being one of the most hyped artists in UK electronic music can’t be ALL bad. Crafting club bangers that play by some of the rules whilst gleefully kicking the shit out of the others must be one of the best ways to turn heads while still pushing boundaries. I get the impression he couldn’t care less about all the chat – making whatever the hell he wants and inventing his own genre in the process (the questionably necessary but descriptive ‘aquacrunk’).

Returning to excellent electro-tech label Wireblock after a brief foray on Up My Alley (with the excellent ‘Dog Mask’ and ‘Soapy Tits’) and following the scene quaking ‘Zig-Zag’ is a fair task – its shuddering synth arpeggio delivered his shattered-circuits sound in the most accesible form to date.

The forthcoming ‘Bad Science’ EP boasts the whip-crack claps, bubbling fizz and chunky game FX that make his primary coloured crunked-up diamonds shine. To further entice he’s pulled something of a coup by snaring Detroit electro legend and Drexciya affiliate Heinrich Mueller aka Dopplereffekt for a remix, an unlikely but welcome choice of remixer. Rustie and Wireblock bringing together the past, present AND future of electronic music.

Rustie – Bad Science EP (Wireblock)

1 Tar [Listen]
2 Bad Science [Listen]
3 Shadow Enter [Listen]
4 Zig-Zag (Heinrich Mueller Gravitational Equilibrium Mix) [Listen]
5 Zig-Zag (Reprise) [Listen]


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