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Should be some tickets left here for Them 4 this Friday if you fancy some genius smashed-up synths from Glaswegian aquacrunk prodigy Rustie, here on a bill with with Planet µ ‘s shiny dubstep scientist Ital Tek, labelmate and extreme wobble-step (honestly, red-lining on the shit) specialist Raffertie and Rinse FM hero ‘sir’ Spyro. Then, on Saturday head over to Cargo


I know I’ve mentioned it already but FACT’s free shindig at Cargo is unmissable for anyone with a passing interest in UK bass. Once again – Wookie, Alexander Nut (check out his FACT mix), Various Production, Brackles… it’s a no-brainer. GET THERE EARLY, doors are at 7.  Fast-forward to the 22nd of May…

Wow. More info here and here. Doesn’t appear to be listed on the flyer but apparently Débruit of ace wonk-hop French label Musique Large is playing room two. More on them later.

I shall endeavour to start using less hyphens.


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