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Inspired by Serge’s top 20, thought I’d share with you all a handful of my personal favourite Italo-Disco cuts (erring toward the ones that are on Youtube), some of which he also mentions. I’m going to leave out Kano as their talent and importance warranted a post to themselves.

Dharma’s ‘Plastic Doll’ from ’82 first, produced by Luciano Ninzatti of the aforementioned Kano with a lot of their huge talent dripping from its tongue. Built around a gutsy synth riff with a punchy, high NRG rhythm this has less of the drifting, druggy pulse of the more cosmic end 0f Italo but bursts with sparkling, youthful exuberance. Playful and a little bit filthy.

Marco Galli and Maurizion Sanginetto aka M&G collaborated in ’86 for not just my favourite Italo track but one of my favourite records ever. It’s that combination of melancholy and fireworks that I don’t hear anywhere else, each melodic flourish and chord shift feels timeless and exquisite and combines into what sounds like an explosion in space.  It feels like it could go on forever, a cyclical throbbing heartbeat.

Dutch act Digital Emotion showing that Italo wasn’t just for Italy, although this is about as electro-pop as it got – some purists dismiss them as being cheesy or too commercial (rrrrr… show me some noncommercial Disco) as if writing the most unabashed fizzing synth lines is bad in some way. Punch the air to the chorus and tell me this doesn’t wipe the floor with electroclash, or most synth-pop for that matter. From ’83.

Glittering beauty from B.W.H. aka Carlo Favilli and Stefano Zito (1983 again), yet another case of a one-off collaboration birthing gold. A louche, pulsing track which melts into the most gently euphoric, mellifluous vocal line possible. Utterly charming and about as rare as anything.

‘Passion’ by the Flirts from ’82, my first flirtation (aha ha) with Italo and produced by Bobby O, one of the true Italo production stars along with Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder. Brilliantly camp and the blueprint for the last two decades of dance-pop, illustrated perfectly when Felix Da Housecat lifted the synth line for his career highlight ‘Silver Screen Shower Scene’. P-A-S-S-I-O-N…

There’s always more…

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  1. cool post. I love this stuff!!

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