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Photos courtesy of VICE photo blog, see the whole set here. Im in there somewhere.




Stage full from the off + rampant stagediving + multiple bundles for the birthday boy from all concerned = THE most full-contact thirtieth birthday celebrations I’m ever likely to attend, all in honour of modern day renaissance man and full-time tower of power Andrew WK. Known by many and dismissed by some due to/in spite of only one of his myriad musical outlets (über-party metal, not unlike Van Halen playing the theme tune from Funhouse while Journey rediscover thrash-punk), a relentlessly awesome alpha-person who goes from motivational speaking to playing with legendary UK experimental everything act Current 93 to presenting a show on Cartoon Network. The guy is a fucking inspiration, I file him under ‘personal development’ along with anyone else with such a superhuman ability to headbutt negativity into non-existence with nothing but an honest approach and infinite enthusiasm. Word.


Warming us all up (other than a sickly-sweet stroll down the last 10+ years of pop-punk) was fabricated NY socialite Bad Brilliance (website also worth checking), alter ego of Andrew Strasser – a man whose day job at identifying celebrities for photo captions inspired him to create a character with a name for a face. ‘It’s a recognizable character by definition’ he notes, sagely. With the help of actress/socialite Sophia Lamar he quite literally wobbles around town looking for high society events to get escorted out of, presumably in a manner as affable as his own.


Dude was MCing over a set of his own neon awesome cartoon crunk and spazzy electro-hop, waving his huge inflatable head around with aplomb and to great applause and I thought YES, although the term ‘performance art’ tickles my gag reflex, in reality I’d rather see this absurd, imaginative and fucking funny character chat over his technicolour soundtrack than a million+1 spit & sawdust spiky guitar bands do something authentic in a garage. Good effort Bad Brilliance, now put a record out so I can buy it.


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  1. lol lucy!!! word to the power house, he da man!! nice write….

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