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Dubstep ain’t all mid-range barking or technophile chin-strokin’ ya know. Some of it isn’t really dubstep. Some of it sounds like Dr Dre and Lil’ John dreaming about a tropical synth party where the punch is free and the coconuts taste like 808 kicks.

Joker says, in my head it’s PURPLE. Me, I’m stuck in the California Love video, trippin’ balls…

DOWNLOAD: Joker – Solid State

and then…

Download: Joker’s Purple Wow Sound Mix


1 Heny g – Delayed style
2 Silkie – 7-1
3 Joker & ginz – purple city
4 Joker – psychedelic runway
5 Joker – Gullybrook plain
6 Joker -Digidesign
7 Guido – Tango 140
8 Gemmy – Espaniola (SOMETHING LIKE THAT )
9 Gemmy – The box remix no.2
10 Gemmy – BT Tower
11 Gemmy -Back 2 the future 2012
12 Gemmy- ……..
13 Joker – Do it
14 Joker – Early morning
15 Benga – Buzzin
16 RSD – Naked mario kart
17 Skream – Unknown
18 Silkie – Weird piano
19 Quest – The unknown
20 Rude kid – Are you ready (instrumental)
21 Maniac – Three crows
22 Joker & Rustie -Play doe
23 Nelly Furtado – Showtime

[via Sonic Router and Fact, as ever…]



  1. Absolutely loving Joker, can not get enough.

    Anyone noticed the RnB track at the end?

    Would be great to find out more about this!!

    • Yeh mang, possibly the best track on there

  2. Nelly furtardo – showtime

    better fix up that track list quick haha

    • /done

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