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Yet another fresh-faced young beatsmith, raised in the (supposedly) blinding sunhaze of L-fuckin’-A and influenced by the DIY tropical punk emanating from crucially kool venue ‘The Smell’ and its regulars (No Age, Mika Miko etc). It’s glitch-hop I guess, the loose, tumbling hip-hop rhythms and the paintbox crayon synths of FlyLo and Dorian Concept et al, and of NOW.

Interest was piqued (mine) by the inclusion of ‘FWD’ on tasty Dutch label Rush Hour’s Beat Dimensions series, the mouth-watering chunkiness of the central synth riff lending it a juicy weight that the surrounding tracks fell short of. His debut LP Drift is out now although nothing included, for me, quite lived up to the above cut. More and more of this ouevre strikes me as a regurgitation of the 90s golden era of electronica, directed through the more recent reference points of extreme sound squeezing and willfully fucked rhythms. Drift has a mix of the Doctor Who melodic eeriness of Not For Threes-era Plaid and the considered structure and careful mapping of I Care Because You Do-era Aphex Twin – both features are very much to his credit but maybe I’m showing my age when they cloud my judgement.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot here to like – he’s capable of much more melodic depth and variety than most of his peers and boasts a rare and delicate approach to sound sculpting – but I’m just so eager for him to be less in thrall to his heroes, that’s when you see an artist truly bloom. Anyway, that’s just like, my opinion.

For a taste check out/buy the album here or grab this mix from the Mary Ann Hobbs show (which also includes Ras G for some similarly-styled fun and Appleblim’s BLOC set).

Mary Anne Hobbs – with Nosaj Thing, Mono/Poly, Hyetal, Ras G, Ben Klock, Appleblim [Hotfile download] [Rapidshare]

Nosaj Thing Mix
Chopin – ‘Prelude in E Minor’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Untitled’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Nightcrawler’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Wandering Star’ [Nosaj Thing Remix]
Nosaj Thing – ‘Coat of Arms’
Nosaj Thing – ‘1685/Bach’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Intro/Camel’ [Nosaj Thing Remix]
Nosaj Thing – ‘Aquarium’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Caves’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Harrison Ford’

Mono/Poly Mix
Mono/Poly – ‘The Beatles’
Mike Slott – ‘My Lightbridge’
Sir OJ – ‘Lightsabermass’
Mono/Poly – ‘Red & Yellow Toys’
Mono/Poly – ‘Ninja Turtle Feet’
Busy – ‘Avogadro’
T-Bag ft. Lil Wayne – ‘Cant Believe It’ [Mono/Poly Mix]
Mono/Poly – ‘Aquaschism + The Gemini Mermaid’

Hyetal Mix
Hyetal – ‘Pixel Rainbow Sequence’ [Peverelist remix] (forthcoming on Reduction Records)
Hyetal – ‘Gold Or Soul’ (forthcoming on Soul Motive)
Hyetal – ‘We Should Light A Fire’ (Dubplate)
Shortstuff – ‘Progression’ (forthcoming on Formant Recordings)
Jack Sparrow & Biggins – ‘Fullest’ (Dubplate)
? – ‘Secrets’ (Dubplate)

Ras G Mix
Ras G – ‘El-Saturn-Day/P.O.P/Brainfeeder Bent Intro’
Ras G – ‘Deep Space Nine’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘HollyHood/Where Dem Trees @?’(Dubplate)
Samiyam – ‘Fishsticks’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘Ancestrial Echoes’(Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘Elevators’ (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus – ‘Aboriginal’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘In Coming!!!!’(Brainfeeder)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Yonard’(Warp)
Ras G – ‘Speaker Smash [ruff]’ (Dubplate)

Ben Klock Mix
Ben Klock – ‘Grip’ (Ostgut Ton)
Levon Vincent – ‘Six Figures’ (Novel Sound)
Steffan Linzatti – ‘See’ (Stockholm LTD)
Steve Stoll – ‘Run in it – B1’ (Proper)
Norman Nodge – ‘Rush’ (MDR)
Telefon Tel Aviv – ‘Immolate Yourself’ [Ben Klock Remix] (BPitchcontrol)
Roman Lindau – ‘Simplicity’ (Fachwerk)

Appleblim Recorded At Bloc Weekend
Track listing to follow shortly…


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