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‘Beat Generation’ (young Dilla/Madlib obsessives grouped together by er… someone) doyen Paul White‘s cut&paste hip-hop sampledelica arguably owes a lot to the 90s Mo’ Wax affiliates of yore but it’s his approach to the shared studio armoury that defines his voice. A more frenetic aesthetic keeps most tracks around the 2min mark and the beats simmering rather than drifting into a self-indulgent haze, ostensibly linked to our supposed modern split-second attention span but more likely thanks to the man’s day job as purveyor of library music for (among others) our dear old BBC.

Unsurprisingly It’s as celluloid an experience as any instrumental hip-hop record with one track (‘Flying Over Tokyo’) fashioned almost entirely from elements lifted from Katsuhiro Otomo’s superlative anime epic Akira and a smattering of dialogue from generally adored cult classics. ‘So what’s new?’ you snap distractedly but there’s an underlying, woody aroma of wholemeal English prog which lends a pastoral, psychedelic decoration not unlike Boards Of Canada brought up on the early Vertigo and Def Jam back catalogue (on second thoughts, they probably were). Instances such as King Crimson’s ’21st Century Schizoid Man’ bursting in via ‘The Uprising Of The Insane’ combine curiously well with the bumpy hip-hop rhythms, giving this LP an earthy organic base on which to plant the boombox jams.

Listen to the album in full here (and find out how you can commission Paul to personally make you some beats!)

…and grab this mix, courtesy of the unrelentingly engaging FADER. In fact, head over there now for an interview with Paul and label mate/cohort Bullion.

Download:Paul White’s FADER Mix
King Stitt – Herbsman – Trojen
Todd Rundgren – International Feel – Bearsville
BBC Radiophonic Orchestra – Doctor Who – BBC Records
Peter Baumann – This Day – Virgin
Joe Zawinul – In A Silent Way – Atlantic
Todd Rundgren – Never Never Land – Bearsville
Paul White – Highlife – Unreleased
Paul White – Universal Thoughts – Unreleased
Paul White – Alien Attack – Unreleased
Paul White – Get Em Up – Unreleased
Jo Jo Bennett – Leaving Rome -Trojen
Batucada Fantastica – Atabaques E Surdos – Musidisc
George Duke – OMI (Fresh Water) – Epic
Gong – And You Tried So Hard – Virgin
Utopia – Singring And The Glass Guitar – Bearsville
Paul White – Time Wars (Extended Version) – One Handed-Music



  1. Nice review, thanks! If you can be bothered, please switch the link to, where you can listen to ‘The Strange Dreams of Paul White’ in full (and buy it if you wish).


    • /done

      no problem Alex!

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