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Truly transcendental electronica (oh yes) from Zomby after a couple of disappointingly lacklustre remixes (Franz Ferdinand, Animal Collective) to remind us of the prickly, luminous, highlighter-marker, cut-and-print quality of his best work, neatly sidestepping the increasingly hoary approach to percussion in dubstep/wonky/whatever it’s called this week by telling it to fuck off completely. Don’t build a groove, just place it in front of you and let it gently gather inertia until it spins with it’s own infinite momentum, an almost imperceptible pitch and yaw bending the image over time into recognisable yet subtley altered variations. With synths. Y’know, like these ones:

The images are of course from 2001‘s climactic, abstract epiphany, capturing wonderfully that hypnotic and nebulous sense of wonder that such absorbing music illicits. Me, I can’t help thinking of the Spinemelter 2000 – ‘I’l ta-a-a-ake i-i-i-it’


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  1. INCREDIBLE SOUNDS! love it..

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