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L-R Gemmy, Joker and Guido. Thanks to Dan Hancox for photo

L-R Gemmy, Joker and Guido. Thanks to Dan Hancox for photo

Dan Hancox writes about music well. He combines the intelligence to unravel sounds and themes into clear theories with the warmth and honest enthusiasm of someone who is obviously a music fan. His blog is well worth following, although I found his recent fried chicken/pirate radio analogy a little hard to swallow (oof!).

His piece for the guardian on Bristol’s ‘purple’ trinity of Joker, Gemmy and Guido comprehensively sums up the appeal of their rich, dayglo sound; the influence of classic video game themes and g-funk, the importance of using melody to reclaim dance music from the clutches of male dominated xtreme bass-fetishism and the issue of synaesthesia – unavoidable thanks to the trio’s colour orientated reference points. There’s very little I can, or would want to add. So I wont. Just read it.

Of the three, Guido is the one I know the least about. This 29min mini-mix however provides a tasty bite size introduction to his take on purple – the most melodic of the three, not shying away from synth-sax and the easily misused autotune to bring the patterns to life. Grab it here, courtesy of Numbers and their ace podcasts.

Guido – Tantalized
Guido, Aarya & Ruthless – Beautiful Complication
Guido – Chakra
Guido – You Do It Right
Guido – Orchestral Lab
Gemmy – Johnny 5
Guido – Mad Sax
Joker – Do It!
Guido – Tango
Joker – Digidesign


A few Joker remixes (more often than not with Ginz who worked with him on the awesome Purple City) of more mainstream artists have been cropping up on the internetz with all – like this re-rub of carnival house perennials Basement Jaxx – severely pwning the originals. That combination of tropical fruity keyboard twirls and pixxellated bass give it the delectable glow the original only promised…

…come back! Yes, it is Zero 7. No, I haven’t heard the original. The bassline here burns like a digital heatwave before the increasingly recognisable purple synth riff rides over the top like… *a few adjectives later* …, so I don’t think we need to hear the original. This really is er… ‘massive’. Yes, that’ll do.


Grab his mix from the Barcelona SONAR 2009 festival here, thanks to FADER. No tracklist yet, but there’s some lolworthy video of a man whose star is most definitely rising. Watch him fly.

lolcano eruption!



Dubstep ain’t all mid-range barking or technophile chin-strokin’ ya know. Some of it isn’t really dubstep. Some of it sounds like Dr Dre and Lil’ John dreaming about a tropical synth party where the punch is free and the coconuts taste like 808 kicks.

Joker says, in my head it’s PURPLE. Me, I’m stuck in the California Love video, trippin’ balls…

DOWNLOAD: Joker – Solid State

and then…

Download: Joker’s Purple Wow Sound Mix


1 Heny g – Delayed style
2 Silkie – 7-1
3 Joker & ginz – purple city
4 Joker – psychedelic runway
5 Joker – Gullybrook plain
6 Joker -Digidesign
7 Guido – Tango 140
8 Gemmy – Espaniola (SOMETHING LIKE THAT )
9 Gemmy – The box remix no.2
10 Gemmy – BT Tower
11 Gemmy -Back 2 the future 2012
12 Gemmy- ……..
13 Joker – Do it
14 Joker – Early morning
15 Benga – Buzzin
16 RSD – Naked mario kart
17 Skream – Unknown
18 Silkie – Weird piano
19 Quest – The unknown
20 Rude kid – Are you ready (instrumental)
21 Maniac – Three crows
22 Joker & Rustie -Play doe
23 Nelly Furtado – Showtime

[via Sonic Router and Fact, as ever…]